Encrypt Data Files and Runtime Parameter Editor

Category: windows phone howto


Timo Fl on Wed, 28 Mar 2012 19:59:16

Hi there,

I have two new articles on my blog. One blog post is about how to save and read an encrypted data file. The method I describe works with XNA on WP7, and MonoGame on iOS and Android:


The other blog post is an application of the Amazon cloud database SimpleDB for runtime parameter editing. The idea is, that when you have some game parameters you want to tweak, you store these parameters in the SimpleDB. While you phone game is running, you use an editor running on your PC to change the parameters on the data base. Your game can reread the modified parameters at runtime without the need to be recompiled, deployed and restarted. Source code for the db access and the PC parameter editor is provided:


Hope this is useful to some of you.