Kinect xbox 360 detected but not working in windows 10

Category: kinect for windows v1 sdk


Rohla on Sun, 13 Dec 2020 11:15:37

Hey, Im trying to connect my kinect xbox 360 to my windows 10 computer.

I bought a adapter cabel which has usb and power supply and an input for the kinect.

I downloaded and installed the kinect for windows v1.8 skd.

After that I installed the Kinect for Windows Developer Toolkit v1.8

The devicemanager shows the following devices (not allowed to upload image...)

Kinect for Windows

- Kinect for Windows Audio Array Control

- Kinect for Windows Camera

- Kinect for Windows Device

- Kinect for Windows Security Control

when I open the Kinect for Windows Developer Toolkit and run for example a c# sample,

the kinect is recognized, but there is just no image/video appearing. The audio is working tho.

I dont know where to find any logs or errors and I dont find any topic in the www thats similar.

I have tried to update the drivers, tried different usb ports. In the meantime I actually reinstalled windows completely.

Is my device just broken? I have a xbox 360, but no games for it to test or is there a way to test it without games?

Thanks in advance