LUIS Entity Not Recognized

Category: language understanding intelligent service (luis)


Avery Mo on Wed, 24 Jan 2018 18:54:40

I trained my luis model to recognize an intent called "requestDefintion" with example utterances such as: "What does BLANK mean" or "Can you explain BLANK to me?". It recognizes the intent correctly. I also added an entity called "topic" and trained it to recognize what topic the user is asking about. The problem is that luis only recognizes the exact topic the user is asking about if I used that specific term in one of the utterances before.

Does this mean I have to train it with all the possible terms a user can ask about or is there some way to have it recognize it anyway?

For example when I ask "What does blockchain mean" it correctly identifies the entity (topic) as blockchain because the word blockchain is in the utterance. But if I ask the same version of the question about another topic such as "what does mining mean", it doesn't recognize that as the entity.

Using a list or phrase list doesn't seem to be solving the problem. I want to eventually have thousands of topics the bot responds to, entering each topic in a list is tedious and inconvenient. Is there a way LUIS can recognize that its a topic just from the context?

What is the best way to go about this?