need to replace phone .... how to save sms message threads

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sdm24x7 on Tue, 26 Apr 2011 16:22:19

Posted this originally to "new feature request" topic .... no responses after over a week .... I'm happy to take a deep dive and code something to handle this problem ..... can I iterate through messages in an SMS thread and copy / paste to a word doc ?? There are hundreds of messages in the thread ... all I can do is forward each one individually ???? here is my original post ... thanks in advance for your suggestions / solutions ..... I need to be able to view SMS message thread from a different "screen" ... and of course delete message threads without losing them forever. Would like to know the reason for no API for accessing Mail, Contact, SMS data stores ... Not only that missing capability but but what about backups to web .... Do any of the carriers provide the ability to backup/view SMS messages via Internet ?? I have T-Mobile .... Please Microsoft, why no functionality a la myPhone backups to WindowsLive ??? Is this a security "feature" or is the availablity of this online backups or an API to iterate through SMS threads and save to Word something that we will see soon. .... I'd settle for copy and paste of a complete thread of messages. An SMS to RSS/Atom api ?? Steve


vnt4 on Wed, 21 Nov 2012 23:17:53

not as i know.... there is no utils at the moment... there is one for backup only but not restore (no point)