Communication with Task while is running

Category: azure batch


jaimetotal on Thu, 03 Dec 2015 15:03:27

I've made a solution that is working fine but one feature that I want hasn't been possible to implement.

While the task is running, which can take a while, I want to be able to fetch its progress.

Is this possible? I've tried to fetch a file, created by the application but doesn't appear available when I execute task.ListNodeFiles(). stdout.txt is only available when the task is finished.

The other possibility is to be able to send POST from the task, but I've been having issues with dependencies, claiming it doesn't find them even if I supply the dlls and the .config file. Another thing I tried was to
embedded the dependencies but no luck.


Matthew Christopher on Fri, 04 Dec 2015 01:31:04

The stdout.txt file not being updated as the task is running is unexpected and we will look into that.

For your other case (POST-ing) from the task, that should work.  Are you sure that you have all of the dependencies you need?  A good way to test it is to run the task from your local machine - if it works then the easiest way to reproduce that on a remote machine is to upload all of the files that are in your bin/debug/* folder as blobs and specify them as resource files for the task.

If you're pretty sure you've gotten all of the resource files and it's still complaining, you can remote into the node and navigate to the extracted folder and try to run the executable there yourself -- that might make debugging easier (you can attach a debugger or use a tool like fuslogvw and perform similar debugging steps to what you would do on your local machine to diagnose why the dependencies aren't being loaded).

Mark Scurrell - MSFT on Tue, 26 Jan 2016 19:46:58

For the issue with stdout.txt not being flushed until the task is finished - this issue has been addressed with a service update at the end of December; stdout and other files should be flushed every 3 minutes.