[Announcement] Azure Notification Hubs Forum Migrated to Microsoft Q&A

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DixitArora-MSFT on Fri, 29 May 2020 06:53:04

All MSDN Azure Forums have moved to Microsoft Q&A platform to help our community members to find  faster answers.

 Can I still post here?

We request that our community members ask new questions on the Microsoft Q&A platform only. Continue to engage with existing posts on this MSDN Forum until June 10th , 2020, after which  this MSDN Forum will be closed and will be in read only mode eventually. 

 What is Microsoft Q&A ? 

To help ease you through this transition, please read Microsoft Q&A graduates to General Availability.

 How do I use Microsoft Q&A?

Microsoft Q&A uses tags instead of forums for each service.  Please find the list of Azure Services supported on Microsoft Q&A Platform.

  Where can I find Azure Notification Hubs questions on Microsoft Q&A?  

For Azure Notification Hubs specific questions, please navigate here

 What tag should I use for asking Azure Notification Hubs question on Microsoft Q&A?

 Please use azure-notification-hubs tag.