XML Continuation Client Error

Category: azure analysis services


Jody 1057 on Mon, 26 Mar 2018 22:15:45

We are trying to publish an analysis services model to our DEV environment, however we keep getting an XMLA Continuation Client error when trying to process the tables. For smaller tables, re-trying a second or third time usually works, and the table data refreshes, but for larger tables, which usually have over 1 million records, nothing seems to work.

Error Message:

An error has occurred while trying to locate the XMLA continuation client tunnel. Either the request timed out or the request was never initiated.


Technical Details:

RootActivityId: 2d448060-1b06-466d-8710-061ad745ee8c

Date (UTC): 3/26/2018 9:32:56 PM

Any suggestions on how to get this fixed?