SSAS Azure vs. On Prem help needed with performance

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JLEmlet67 on Tue, 04 Sep 2018 08:45:45

My company recently signed up for Azure SSAS and I'm testing out a few aspects of it.  I created a tabular cube that has 6,000,000 rows both in our on prem SSAS server and in Azure.  The on prem cube performs great.  The Azure cube does not.  A simple query to count the number of rows takes over 3 min in Azure vs. instantly in the on prem server.  

My on prem msmdsrv.exe is using 42GB of memory on a box that has 12 cores that are hyper-threaded.  The Azure instance is using the B1 pricing tier. This has the specs of 40 QPU and 10 GB Cache.  I don't know how to compare the two. But the on prem box is running about 40 tabular cubes while the Azure is only running the one.  So I could live with performance differences, but not what I'm seeing right now. And the pricing structure for Azure at B1 is $319/month approximately.  If I have to go up very much it becomes super expensive.

Since this is such a basic cube, it doesn't make sense to me that the performance would be 100 times slower on Azure even on the basic level. Does anyone have any advice here on what I'm doing wrong?  It seems like this should be an issue easily addressed.



Jason_J (Azure) on Mon, 10 Sep 2018 16:58:17

Hi Jim,

If you have a Support plan, could you open a case with them?

If not, could you email, and remember to include a link to this thread and your subscription ID.  We will enable a one-time Support case for you.  

Thanks :)