Henk W Jongsma on Sun, 30 Dec 2018 11:22:51

With Visual Studio Version 15.9.4 a cross-platform Xamarin-forms UWP app was created (.NET Standard project). Then with NuGet sqlite-net-pcl was added. Nothing more was done.
A package for side-loading was created.
There was a warning in the error list: GENERATEPROJECTPRIFILE 0xdef00535 - File or folder ignored due to file attributes (hidden): obj\x86\Release\PackageLayout\e_sqlite3.dll.
WACK failed with failed launch tests and failed supported API tests: sqlite3_aggregate_context in e_sqlite3.dll is not supported for this application type (and 9 more sqlite problems).
A complete programm with a.o. sqlite was successfull packaged beginning of December. After that I did a Windows 10 system restore and installed a new Visual Studio version. Since then no successfull package was produced.


Daisy Tian on Mon, 31 Dec 2018 08:50:16

Hi Henk,

What's the version of your app targeted?  What's your version of Windows 10 system? I didn't encounter your issue when I did as you said. My App targeted version and the OS version are 17763; the Visual Studio version is 15.9.4.

Best regards

Daisy  Tian 

Henk W Jongsma on Mon, 31 Dec 2018 11:49:17

Hi Daisy,

Thank you for looking into this problem.

Fortunately I could just solve it myself.

I deleted in C:>users>myName>.nuget all packages and installed in the app with NuGet sqlite-net-pcl again.

This eliminated the problem.

Normally the e_sqlite3.dll file is not hidden, but I presume that my restore of the Windows 10 system made existing files in the .nuget directory hidden.

Best regards,