Overriding system brushes like ApplicationPageBackgroundThemeBrush

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wonderful and beautiful world on Sun, 09 Mar 2014 14:02:27

I understand that the dark or light themes can be used by setting the requestedtheme property in app.xaml. These themes come with the SDK.

1. As I understand, an app can use dark or light theme and override styles that is already defined in these standard themes (instead of writing new custom styles with non-standard dictionary keys). Is that the best practive for theming a windows store app? Or should I not change the dark or light theme at all, but use a custom them?

2. In Windows Phone, the themes and accents can be changed - there are plenty of accents. I don't see them in Windows RT. If an app has to use different themes like dark, semi-dark, light, is the best practice to create a new theme semi-dark based on dark?

Then there is system theme to use for high contrast like ApplicationPageBackgroundThemeBrush.

1. Is the best practice not to change the styles in the system theme because it can effect the impaired users who can't see normal colors?



Dave Smits on Sun, 09 Mar 2014 14:12:21

you cant create new themes yourself. you only can use the dark / light

things as accent colors are not exciting in windows 8. you need to implement your own brand color

THe selected theme color isnt based on something that the user selects in the operating system. so if want to switch it you have to do this in your code

wonderful and beautiful world on Mon, 10 Mar 2014 18:59:52

I think I should override the styles for themes Dark/Light and change it according to the user's selection.

In Windows 8.1, the StandardStyles have been removed, and the resources have been made as system.