DGML graph uses absolute paths

Category: visual studio visualiaztion


Atzmon Ghilai on Sun, 27 Apr 2014 14:58:13

When I create a directed graph using DGML, the tool uses absolute paths in order to store the location of the source file which contains the method inserted into the DGML visualizer.

This is not good for  code which is being checked in into the TFS repository. In this case the tool should use relative paths, so it will be able to find the source files even after check-in.

I did not find any way to force the tool to use relative paths. However, when I change the path manually from absolute to relative in the XML file it seems to be working.

any idea how to force the tool to use relative paths?



Esther Fan on Wed, 30 Apr 2014 00:54:59

Hi Atzmon,

Would using aliases help you?