Play a content with DRM (ProtectionInfo) with Xamarin Forms or Native

Category: azure media services


Enrico Rossini (UK) on Thu, 19 Sep 2019 13:59:38

I'm looking around for finding a way to play a video with DRM (or ProtectionInfo) with the native players, ExoPlayer for Android or AVPlayer for iOS.

Basically, I have some protected content in Azure Media Player and want to play them but I can't find any example.

Is there any examples for that? Is it possible to use Xamarin.Forms or I have to use native applications?

For example, Azure Media Player site gives you an idea what I'm looking for. I have an url for the manifest and then I have to add a protection.

Also, from Azure Media Player I have a manifest for the content not a file such as .mp4

Enrico Rossini


RyanHill-MSFT on Mon, 23 Sep 2019 01:15:16

Hi Enrico,

Unfortunately, the answer I have you're not going to like. Each native player is different since they bring their own limitations and capabilities, therefore the support ability is really up in the area. We do have a matrix when it comes to the compatibility of web view players (see but it's only a starting point. I've been informed it's a safe assumption that ExoPlayer should work Widevine but whether or not it supports something like Fairplay or PlayReady isn't known, or that I could find at the moment. For Android, best I could find is and but these examples really don't tie in together.

It might be best to email us at AzCommunity[at]microsoft[dot]com with ATTN: Ryan in the subject line so that we can work more closely with you.