Erratic Behavior of Sensors APIs on Build Tablet

Category: windows metro apps hardware


Charles Petzold on Mon, 01 Oct 2012 16:20:26

I have a Build Tablet that I've upgraded to Windows 8 RTM, and I've been experiencing problems with the Sensors classes:  With the Compass class, the HeadingTrueNorth value is always null.  With OrientationSensor, Quaternion seems OK but RotationMatrix always consists of all zeros.  The Yaw value reported by Inclinometer seems to be zero much of the time.

Are these known problems with the Build Tablet?  Or is it just my particular Build Tablet? 

Is there a commercial tablet I can buy that is know to work well with the Sensors API?


David Goll [MSFT] on Mon, 01 Oct 2012 20:31:23

The //BUILD tablet requires firmware updates that are probably not publicly available. Also, there are hardware integration problems that would not be addressed by firmware updates in any case.

Most of the problems you mention are firmware issues. The HeadingTrueNorth value is an optional value that is provided only if the device vendor has chosen to integrate geoposition with the compass implementation. The //BUILD tablet does not have this integration.

The recommended platform for sensor development prior to general retail availability has been the STMicro eMotion board. In the US, this evaluation board can be ordered from