CRM On-Premise: Processes and their Measurement

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René-GER on Mon, 08 May 2017 12:51:30


I’m working at a German Software Company within the Process Management Department.

Our Sales Department is using Dynamics CRM 2016.

We want measure the process times of our standard sales process (Lead => Opportunity ==> Quote ==> Order ==> Invoice). That’s needed to control improvement and deterioration when we change the process.

Main goal is to minimize the mean elapsed time from Lead to Quote – as a first step. Next step would be Order to Invoice.

I just found following thread (from 2014).  

CRM 2011 - Design Question to Measure Opportunity Stages

This topic is very similar. However, I hope an easier solution is available today.


I just started to work with Dynamics CRM. Now I try to find some documentation regarding “measurement of processes”.

With some investigation in the internet, I learned the requirement for such measurement is a designed and active process in background.

However, I need to know what exactly is to do to measure the sales process.

Do you have a suggestion how to start with this topic?

Any documents or e-learnings available?

Thanks & best regards