Password Mismatch Error When Registering Availability Group Listener on WAP

Category: azure pack


Paul_M_W on Mon, 14 Mar 2016 11:12:09

I am receiving a password mismatch error whenever I attempt to register an Availability Group Listener as a hosting server on the Windows Azure Pack Admin Site. I am using the sa account and I'm 100% certain the password is correct - it validates successfully [a green tick is displayed] as I fill out the server registration form.

But after submitting the form the task fails with the following error:

The logs on the primary SQL Server replica reveal the following error:

Is this a known issue?


Connecting (remotely) to the availability group listener using sqlcmd works. This is puzzling.



Paul_M_W on Wed, 16 Mar 2016 12:14:46

Woohoo! Finally landed on a the solution at the following URL: Check it out for a detailed explanation of the problem and solution.

In summary...

The issue is that my SQL servers and the WAP servers were in separate broadcast domains. So it turns out that when one enters the AG listener name in WAP and submits, the WAP server will go ahead and query the hostnames of the AG replicas. It will then try to contact to the SQL servers using their hostnames. Because the SQL servers are in a separate broadcast domain, the WAP servers will fail to resolve the SQL servers' NetBIOS names.

The solution is to simply add the SQL Server names in the hosts file of the WAP servers and it works!

I'm still confused as to why the SQL servers registered the error as a password mismatch. That threw me off in the wrong direction. Weird!