Subscription sync error VMs

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Tim Wappler on Wed, 11 May 2016 06:38:08

Hi @ all,

I'm testing Azure Pack with SCVMM 2016, this should be an internal cloud service for our company.

I created a cloud before and sets all VMs to this cloud, would is running in our ESXi

1. I registered a user and I selected a subscription.
2. I went into VMM and give access to the correct VM

The User can see all VMs, what I gave him, but if I add THIS VM, than the sync will fail, if I delete the access to this VM, than the user can see all his VMs.

I'm a newbeeeeeee in Azure Pack, so I don't know where I can take a look to find out why is this happen.

Many thanks!


Tim Wappler on Thu, 19 May 2016 14:20:44

Ok, I found out, that...

if the ESXi Server VM had a snapshot, then Azure Pack do not sync it and I get an error.
If I delete all snapshots from the vm, then the user can see all his VMs.
When I use my Test-HyperV then it will show all correct :(

doese anyone knows, why?

Thanks for help,