ASA use event hubs from two different regions?

Category: azure stream analytics


Dan H (IK) on Tue, 06 Sep 2016 06:15:03

I am planning on using ASA with Event Hub input for a potential upcoming project.   The customer is concerned about network latency from the IoT sensors around the country to the event hub.  Contemplating creating say 2 event hubs, each in different region (west and east).  

Then it looks like ASA *can* use multiple event hubs as input, point to each of the geographically disperse hubs.  Just tried it - got a warning that I will be charged for moving data between regions.  Makes sense, but not sure how much / how often we're talking about.

Are there other options for reducing network latency and round trip distance for an Event Hub - to - ASA architecture? 

If not, and the above idea is feasible, what should I look at for data transfer costs? 

Thank you.