Cymon Kilmer [MSFT] on Thu, 17 Dec 2020 21:48:41

We’ve listened to your feedback on how we can enhance the forum experience. Microsoft Q&A allows us to add new functionality and enables easier access to all the technical resources most useful to you, like Microsoft Docs and Microsoft Learn.

Now until 12/23/2020

 From 12/23/2020 until 1/6/2021:


  • New posts – Post any new questions in the Windows Hardware WDK and Driver Development forum’s new home on Microsoft Q&A. The current forum will not allow any new questions.
  • Existing posts – Interact here with existing content, answer questions, provide comments, etc.


1/6/2021 onwards:

This forum will be closed to all new and existing posts and all interactions will be in Microsoft Q&A.

We are excited about moving to Microsoft Q&A and seeing you there.

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