Point to Site Certificate without makecert

Category: azure virtualnetwork


tom3411 on Thu, 04 Jul 2013 14:00:03

I tried to set up a Point to site Connection without using a selfsigned certificate as it is described in various places.

Currently I have tried to use my PKI-Structure with an offline Root-CA and a subordinatie issuing CA. As I have tried to set up the VPN Connection without success - here are my questions:

- Is it necessary to upload the intermediate CA´s cer-File as well?

- Which certificate template am I supposed to use for the client certificate?

- As the CRL-Points are not reachable from the Internet - is a revocation check performed?

I hope someone can help.

Thanks -tom


Milosh Vukotic on Mon, 10 Nov 2014 21:42:50

If anyone is still looking for this answer, certificate based on "User" certificate template should be enough to get your VPN connection on the client side going (together with your CA cert uploaded in Azure).