Shoulder rotation around Y-axis using kinect sdk1.8 and c#

Category: kinect for windows v2 sdk


Ahasan Ratul on Thu, 14 Jan 2016 05:45:28

First, i used kinect sdk, c# language to develop kinect skeleton. then i found joint angls using the "AngleBetweenTwoVectors" function

public double AngleBetweenTwoVectors(Vector3D vectorA, Vector3D vectorB)
     double dotProduct = 0.0;
     dotProduct = Vector3D.DotProduct(vectorA, vectorB);

return (double)Math.Acos(dotProduct) / Math.PI * 180;
Now i want to calculate some specific rotational angles like shoulder pitch rotation(rotation around y axis) using kinect sdk & c# language. Does anyone know how to calculate it?