Migrating SAN databases to new server

Category: sql server migration


JimCass on Fri, 03 Oct 2014 19:22:11

We have a physical SQL 2005 server which has it's data & logs stored on a FC attached SAN. We need to replace the server hardware and are moving the data to a new SQL 2008 R2 physical server. The current server has dozens of databases totalling around 530GB of mdb's and ~90GB of .ldf's.

We are planning to perform a native backup first, but in the interest of time our plan was to shut down the old server, swing the fiber cables over to the new server, change the config in the SAN to present the same LUNs to the new server, then mount those LUNs on the new server. So long as the old server is shutdown, does this seem like a viable process? My supervisor asked if there would be any benefit to unmounting the databases prior to shutdown first... I didn't think there would be so long as it was a clean shutdown but wanted to ask just in case.

I know doing it this way will require manually attaching the databases. If anyone has ideas on how to make that attachment process be more efficient, I'd love to hear them.



Tom Phillips on Fri, 03 Oct 2014 19:44:41

You will need to detach the databases from the old instance BEFORE moving the LUN to the new server.  Then you can attach them to the new instance.   I have done this many times.

You cannot attach MSDB or master.  So you will need to move any logins, agent jobs and SSIS packages to the new server first.

This is a one way upgrade.  Once you attach the 2005 database files to 2008, they will be converted to 2008 format and you cannot go back to 2005.  Make sure you have backups.