Using Direct2D to do the HUD in D3D game

Category: windows metro apps games


David_Brooks on Thu, 31 May 2012 04:43:55

In previous engines I have always rendered text and other HUD elements using textured quads output in screen space.

Now I am considering Direct2D to do this, but wanted to ask is anybody using this approach in a Windows 8 D3D11 game?

I want to do at least somewhat fancy things like rotating HUD elements as they come on screen and into place so I don't know if that can be done in Direct2D or is it just axis-aligned Rect's?

Any insight from somebody who has already been down this path is greatly appreciated


t-n-x on Fri, 01 Jun 2012 00:43:24

Hi, you can apply any transform (D2D1_MATRIX_3X2_F) you want directly to an ID2D1RenderTarget or to an ID2D1BitmapBrush.

Raptor K on Sat, 02 Jun 2012 00:45:03

I still render text and other HUD elements to textures ( just RTT by D2D).

Draw every frame using D2D pulls down the FPS.