various questions about using windows azure with the html video tag

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Forever_newbie on Thu, 31 Jan 2013 18:38:30

I've been looking at documentation for using windows Azure to play streaming media using dot net.  I see that there is code also to make that media secure.  But there is a lot I don't understand yet.  Suppose I have a video tag in my webpage.  It should play mp4s in Internet Explorer, but if its viewed in Chrome, it should play 'webm' videos.  In Apple devices, it should play apple video.  The video tag should be controllable by javascript, so for example, I can force the player to start at 38 minutes from the beginning.

  I can't use Silverlight, I have to use the HTML5 video tag.  My project is not a windows8 app, its a website, showing videos.  I'm thinking of storing the videos on Azure servers.  It sounds as if I make pages that have code that use Microsoft.WindowsAzure libraries, and these libraries store encrypted files on Azure servers, and then the asp code creates URLs for those files (also using these libraries to do that), and the URLs can be referenced by the video tag.  It seems that the encrypted file is created only once, but then can be viewed for any length of time.   There is a 'manifest' which refers to the various files on the server.  Files can be played on Apple devices as well.

But I'm not clear on this.  Do I upload my videos, and then run a special page that encrypts them on the azure server and creates locators for them?  And assuming that's correct, can I have other pages that play the video in a streaming fashion?  And how do I refer to a specific video in the manifest?

Any help in clearing up the confusion is appreciated.



Qin Dian Tang - MSFT on Fri, 01 Feb 2013 06:25:56


Media services on Azure will be the right choice:

For this you can get help from its own forum:

Here is another article about HTML5 video from Azure blob storage: