Data.Jugggler on Thu, 07 Mar 2019 01:34:31

Today when I launched VS 2019, I was shown a yellow bar with an (annoying) message at the top that says 'Future updates won't load Synchronous Extensions' or something to that extent.

Being annoyed you keep changing things that worked since 2010, and being open source doesn't pay well at all and I am down to 200 things left from Code Plex closing so I can complete my migration to Azure DevOps and GitHub, the last thing I need is more unpaid, work items on my to do list, so I clicked 'Don't Show This Message Again'.

I decided I would try and fix this so other users of the extension might want the fix, so after a beer and a half I decided to upgrade from RC 2019 to RC.1Svc release, thinking this might reset said flag of 'Don't Show This Message Again'.

No such luck, and the Learn More button that I clicked, failed to show me what registry setting you are changing or if it did I don't remember, so I have to post here to Learn More, since I can't find your article anymore, since the annoying previously mentioned yellow bar no longer appears thanks to 'Don't Show This Again' actually works.

You don't even list the package name when the Yellow bar appears, so you are forcing people to turn off the Don't Show This Again for all extensions based on 1 not working from what I read. I think that is bad for other extension developers, since my time allocated to this fix for Winter 2019 was wasted on this email.

But if Spring 2019 has some more free time, and I get that Learn More back again, I might can get my list back down to 200 items.

Would an upgrade wizard have sent profits down too much? I read your Learn More article and that is why I clicked Don't Show This Message Again, because the only part that looked easy was the [tag] part.

Thank you,