Workflow Manager 1.0: Initiator of workflow in unknown and stuck at not started

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arslan0tahir on Sat, 28 May 2016 08:06:32

i have already done following stuff

1. Check https://[wfms]:12290 or http://[wfms]:12291 if they are responding 2. Check ”WorkflowMgmtPool” is started 3. Following services are running

  • Workflow Manager Backend
  • Service Bus Message Broker
  • Service Bus Gateway
  • Windows Fabric Host Service (FabricHostSvc)

4. Get workflow farm information , workflow database  by  Start Workflow Manager PowerShell     get-WFfarm   5. Check if the Workflow Manager farm running(workflow service backend and  front end         should be rennin)  by  Start Workflow Manager PowerShell    get-WFfarmStatus

6. Check oAut in accessible by http:// [wfms]:12291/$SYSTEM/$Metadata/json/1

7. Restart the WorkflowServiceBackend service

  • net stop WorkflowServiceBackend
  • net start WorkflowServiceBackend

I also reinstall Workflow Manger 1.0 and reconfigured the farm.Same error.

I am trying this on a server which already has sharepoint 2013  and VS 2015 pro installation


karimSP on Tue, 31 May 2016 05:04:14

  1. Each server in the SharePoint Server 2013 farm must have the Workflow Manager Client installed.
  2. Make sure workflow initiator is not a system account
  3. workflow initiator must have a user profile

Refer below link for more information:

arslan0tahir on Tue, 31 May 2016 06:25:48

 I still dont know what was causing this issue, but i resolved this issue by

1. creating new VM and installing only Workflow manager 1.0 on it

2. Re registered it with sharepoint2013

3. It started working perfectly