SSAS Measurement not all showing (Beginner question)

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Kardiamond on Thu, 11 Sep 2014 14:51:29

Hi there!

I'm on a new job and I have to continue a half done SSAS. Sadly I don't know much about SSAS, and I pretty much limit myself to adding new dimension and attributs.

My question is :

I have a measurement call CMV. CMV is a price from a table. That table have an id, a price, a type and multiple link to other tables (clients, invoice, divison, product).

Sadly, some new type of CMV don't have any clients/invoice/divison(they are set to NULL) related, it only has a product.

But I can't seems to be able to make it appear in my Browser. Even if I browse by Product.

I thought I would see my CMV with my products, and when using the clients/invoice/division dimensions it would appear as unknown, but they just don't appear at all. Other type of CMV does appear, but all there relations (invoice,client,product,divison) are fullfilled.

What is wrong with my cube?

Thank you!!!


FarnhamSurrey on Thu, 11 Sep 2014 15:21:42

Doesn't sound like anything is wrong with your cube. Could be something in your MDX query. Look at this url:

It suggests that null value in a Fact Table's foreign key columns will be converted to o0. In this case, I expect that there is no entries in your other dimesntions (not product) with a key of zero, so the match will never come through and you return nothing.

I would try the Set NullProcessing=UnknownMember suggestion to return measures with unknown dimensions

Kardiamond on Thu, 11 Sep 2014 16:51:06

Hi Farnham! 

Thanks for the answer.

I have been trying that NullProcessing option, but I'm not sure were to change it.

I changed it in my dimension, but Do I have to change it someone in my measurement too?

By the way, I found something in my errors reports :

It says that a record has been ignored because the key attribute couldn't be found.

FarnhamSurrey on Fri, 12 Sep 2014 07:31:52

What you could do is add a row into all your dimensions with a key of zero and a value of "unknown". That way, your query will resolve those dimensions as unknown for measures with null FKs