Please help me I dont know how to make my collection control work!

Category: visual studio lsextensibility


rollypollyEnter on Sat, 05 Apr 2014 23:59:39

I hope this is not a silly question but I am in dire need of help, I am trying to create a collection control extension with the telerik tilelistview, I have a tilelist.lsml with its childview property set as tilepanel which is another group control named tilepanel.lsml with  parentview property set as tilelist. The tilelist.xaml silverlight control has it itemsource property set in the code behind to (IScreenCollectionProperty)ContentItem.Screen.Details.Properties[ContentItem.BindingPath], ContentItem is a dependency property which I implemented following this example. My challenge is that when I test my extension and run a sample app  I can see that the tilelistview shows tiles corresponding to the number of entities in my database and only shows a string description of my entity in the tile, but I want it to show all the members of my entities as arranged and specified in the tilepanel control which is supposed to be like the itemtemplate for my tilelist. I really don't know how to proceed so any help will be quite welcome.