Need help on LINQ on HIVE scenario/

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parthi007 on Tue, 18 Dec 2012 06:35:44

we have an requirement to do an Hive processing and directly output the results to another Hive table as shown below. I am trying to achieve some thing similar to the code shown below leveraging on the LINQ on HIVE library.


string variable1 = "some string";
IQueryable<T2Records> table2records = HiveConnection
                .Select(t1 => new Table2Records()
                                Property1 = DateTime.Now,
                                Property2 = DateTime.Now,                               
                                Property2 = variable1,
                                Property3 = "1.0",                               
                                Property4 = t1.Property1,
                                Property5 = t1.Property2 + t1.Property3,



i.e., trying to automatically create a hive table based on table1 and also want to have few standard columns with default value or computed values. But the above code will generate a table only with Property4 and Property5.

Can you please propose a suitable solution on this or any other alternative to achieve this.

Basically, my intention is that the following code would run outside the HDInsight server and the data intensive operation would take place within the HDInsight server.


AmarpreetBassasn on Wed, 09 Sep 2015 11:17:31


You could try the linq to hive example at :, and let me know if you require further assistance on this.

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