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NayanaB on Wed, 22 Jan 2020 09:59:22

Wildcard search in luncene query syntax , the suffix with * appened to the word doesnot work correct. i need a field value for startwith , eg : associate* should give me [{"field1":"Associated for"},{"field1":"Associates for"},{"field1":"Associates word"}]

but not [{"field1":"you Associated for"},{"field1":"Associates for"},{"field1":"word Associates with"}]. Can any one help me to find a solution for this,


CHEEKATLAPRADEEP-MSFT on Mon, 27 Jan 2020 06:23:10

Hi NayanaB,

The query posted by you has not reached the right forum. In order to assist best on your query, I would request you to post your query in SO => Azure Search dedicated support. Additionally, adding the [Azure] tag on SO will increase visibility as it is a Microsoft Sponsored tag.


This will assist you with a faster reply to your query.