Vishal Himane on Thu, 23 Jun 2016 11:36:42

Hi I am using Sharepoint Online 2013.

If we go to App Launcher -> Then select 'Newsfeed', newsfeed page will open. 

I want exchange the Positions of Tab 'Everyone' And 'Following' .

Is there any out of the box way to manage the sequence of 'Everyone, Following, mentions, Activity, Likes' ?

If not, can I user Jquery to change this sequence?

As I saw, newsfeed get auto refresh after one minute. Does the changing tab positions using jquery will retain here after auto refresh?



Sara Fan on Mon, 27 Jun 2016 04:08:17

Hi Vishal Himane,

There is no out of the box method to exchange the sequence of the tab “Everyone” and “Following”. You could exchange the two tabs by JQuery code.

But if you exchange the tabs by JQuery code, it will not work for every user. Because different user has different MySite.

You could use the JQuery code like below:


For more detailed information, you could refer to the posts below.

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Best regards,

Sara Fan

Vishal Himane on Tue, 28 Jun 2016 12:09:39

Hi Sara,

Thank you for your response!

We have achieved swipe functionality by using .prepend function.

We have imported Nwsfeed webpart to Homepage of site. This page is common to all users.

The issue is, content below the 'Everyone' tab is not changing , it remains of 'Following'.

I tried to change the attribute and classes of 'Everyone' and 'Following' tags, here is the code :

It is not triggering change in contents

var swipe = ($('#ms-microfeed-titleViewSelectorPivotContainer_surfaceopt1')).detach();
$("#ms-microfeed-titleViewSelectorPivotContainer > a#ms-microfeed-titleViewSelectorPivotContainer_surfaceopt1").attr("aria-label", "Everyone, View, Selected");
   $("#ms-microfeed-titleViewSelectorPivotContainer > a#ms-microfeed-titleViewSelectorPivotContainer_surfaceopt1").attr("aria-selected", "true");
   $("#ms-microfeed-titleViewSelectorPivotContainer > a#ms-microfeed-titleViewSelectorPivotContainer_surfaceopt0").attr("aria-label", "All Documents, View");
   $("#ms-microfeed-titleViewSelectorPivotContainer > a#ms-microfeed-titleViewSelectorPivotContainer_surfaceopt0").removeAttr("aria-selected");
   $("#ms-microfeed-titleViewSelectorPivotContainer > a#ms-microfeed-titleViewSelectorPivotContainer_surfaceopt0").removeClass("ms-pivotControl-surfacedOpt-selected").addClass("ms-pivotControl-surfacedOpt");
   $("#ms-microfeed-titleViewSelectorPivotContainer > a#ms-microfeed-titleViewSelectorPivotContainer_surfaceopt1").removeClass("ms-pivotControl-surfacedOpt").addClass("ms-pivotControl-surfacedOpt-selected");

Sara Fan on Fri, 01 Jul 2016 01:28:44

Hi Vishal Himane,,

About the content, the logic is the same with the tags.

You could exchange the divs which contains the “Following” and “Everyone” content.

Best regards,

Sara Fan