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KongDBA on Wed, 15 May 2013 15:26:59

Hi SQL Gurus,

Currently, I have AlwaysOn up and running in my production (live) with three node cluster PCI network(server1,2,3) with non-shared storage. Server1 and 2 are in primary DC with synchronous commit. Server3 is in DR DC with ansychronous commit.

Now, there is a new requirement to move some data from production to new server (server4) posibly with Merge replication so that we can filter out some sensitive data. Below are my questions.

1. I believe I would need another server to be remote distributor because I CAN'T add the distributor to the availablity group, is that correct?

2. If I was able to get new server for remote distributor, would server4 need to be added to same cluster with server1,2,3? Or can this server4 be on stane alone with separate from PCI network?

Thanks much,



Fanny Liu on Thu, 16 May 2013 04:41:07


The distributor should not be a host for any of the current (or intended) replicas of the availability group that the publishing database is (or will become) a member of. You should use a remote distributor.

You can add the new server on a separate node of the same cluster but make sure the snapshot location is available from both the nodes.

Fanny Liu

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