Error debugging on Linux device: gdbserver

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Thomas Hepp on Mon, 24 Jul 2017 09:04:22

I am using VS2017 to compile and debug my cross platform C application on linux. With my Raspberry Pi it is working perfectly, but now I tryed it to debug it on a yocto system. Compilation works, but if I want to debug I am getting following message:

Starting gdbserver failed, this is unexpected and indicative of an incompatible or broken shell. Example command used on the shell: "echo 1; gdbserver; echo 2". We expected "1".

On my remote machine gdbserver 7.10.1 is installed.


Weiwei Cai on Tue, 01 Aug 2017 07:07:10

Hi Thomas Hepp,

According to the error message, the problem is on the gdbserver. Please reinstall it on the yocto system to make sure the gdbserver has been installed and it has been started.

And as far as I know, if the program executed successfully, the gdbserver also got exited. So if you are debuging multiple programs remotely, you need to use following command which will not start the gdbserver every time with different program names.

$ gdbserver --multi localhost:2000
Listening on port 2000

In addition, there has other communities who has the similar problem in Visual Studio 2017 when debugging with remote GDB Debugger. Please vote and add comments for this feedback.

Best Regards,