How to change the publish profile in a pipeline.?

Category: azure automation


Vibhanshu Biswas on Fri, 21 Sep 2018 09:46:57

Hi All,

I created an Azure pipeline with a template 'ASP.NET Core (.NET Framework)' . and I was able to provide the basic things that was required to setup the pipeline and it is building and deploying fine.

But as you know we all have different environments such as PROD, UAT, QAT so in that case I cloned the above pipeline however I'm unable to change the publish profile, all i want this new cloned pipeline to deploy the solution to another App service.

I'm really struggling with it. Any help would be appreciated. BTW the solution is a .Net core web API. 


VeeraGiri Babu on Sat, 22 Sep 2018 04:55:14

This forum is dedicated for Azure Automation queries. The query posted by you has not reached the right forum. In order to assist best on your query, I would suggest you to report any problems on Developer Community, get advice on Stack Overflow.

This will assist you with a faster reply to your query.