my app has been unpublished due to some violation.

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Tejasbst on Tue, 05 Feb 2019 05:17:53


my app has been removed from store for impossible functionality reason. i replied to , with a working video of app and its functionality and i have been waiting for the reply since last 5 days. is there any other way to contact them



Tejasbst on Tue, 05 Feb 2019 05:18:51

i forgot to mention the app details 

Name: Online Antivirus Scanner


Tejasbst on Tue, 05 Feb 2019 05:56:21

hello my app has been unpublished due to some violation. 
app id is '9NW52ZKJN8XJ' and test id is '7f5274ab-6f82-4f73-95c3-6df5e2669879'.
the reason mentioned for removal is 'functionality not possible', that is my app can not scan url and files.

As i received the email i tested my app and it is working fine. l scanned various files from my windows 10 laptop and various url's and it is working perfectly.

please look into the matter and help me get is reinstated on the microsoft store.


Roy Li on Wed, 06 Feb 2019 05:40:13


Have you checked email report from It should tell the details about how the reviewer test your app and in which kind of situation that you will does not work. Need to know more details about how it failed the test. Please keep contact with as currently it's the most suitable channel about your issue.

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