Etienne Oosthuysen on Fri, 14 Dec 2012 05:02:31

Hi, this relates to SQL 2012 AS Tabular mode running out of memory when processing.

This question relates to processing of an SSAS solution which runs in Tabular mode.
I battled with this issue for a while now and reverted to the actual Visual Studio procect solution

to try and debug there.

I run each table one by one and all checks out.
The last table is also the largest and I have split it up into partitions. I processed the first

partition in full and it processed okay. It contains almost 4 million records. Moving on to the

second partition, which is much smaller fails upon processing on approx 1.3 million records with an

error "The operation has been cancelled because there is not enough memory available for the

application. If using a 32-bit version of the product, consider upgrading to the 64-bit version or

increasing the amount of memory available on the machine."
I changed the partition to represent only a handful of records (like 35 records) but it still fails with the same error.

My settings are:


C: 100GB with 67GB free when processing
E: 100GB with 80GB free when processing
OS: Windows Server 2012 64 bit

SSIS properties:

HardMemoryLimit - 0
HeapTypeForObjects - 0
LowMemoryLimit - 65
MemoryHeapType - 2
TotalMemoryLimit - 80
VertiPaqMemoryLimit - 60
VertiPaqPagingPolicy tried both 1 and 2

Please help this is doing my head in!!!



Raunak J on Fri, 14 Dec 2012 06:33:57

Consider upgrading the machine with higher RAM

Christopher Webb on Fri, 14 Dec 2012 12:41:31

I agree, 4GB RAM is probably not enough and whatever you do, you should probably upgrade.

However... there must be something else going on if processing fails, even when you only have a small number of records in the second partition. Some ideas:

  • Because SSAS Tabular is a column store database, thinking about your data in terms of numbers of rows is not very helpful. What you need to look out for instead is columns with a very large number of distinct values in, such as primary key columns on fact tables. Can you try deleting any the columns on the table that you don't need, especially ones with a large number of distinct values in? This would reduce your overall memory overhead.
  • You can also try to unprocess the entire model before you process anything, because this will also reduce your memory overhead - when you process a table, the 'old' data stays in memory until processing finishes so it can still be queried. Unprocessing will mean there is no 'old' data to take up memory.
  • When you process a partition, SSAS will also recalculate any calculated columns on the table this partition is in, or that refer to that table. If you have any calculated columns this could explain what's going on here, because complex DAX calculations can be very memory-intensive.