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ChristopherDeMars on Wed, 27 Mar 2013 00:43:25

LightSwitch Team,

In my opinion, you have done a great job with LightSwitch so far.

It has come a long way since those early days. You have obviously put a lot of thought into this tool and have made it easier to use out of the box with each successive release. I look forward to the next release (hopefully it will be the first production release!).

This truly is a revolutionary and ground-breaking tool, and I look forward to the evolution this tool will see over the next 10 years (and hopefully more!). I can imagine many great ways that LightSwitch could eventually be expanded and could even be the future tool of choice for many developers, even beyond the data driven paradigm.

I appreciate that you have given us, the developer community, the chance to help you work the kinks out of LightSwitch as well as suggest ideas to you and help you prioritize your workload. I really feel as if you have made us part of the development of this tool, not just consumers of it.

You have made a LightSwitch evangelist out of me!

Keep up the good work!

-Christopher DeMars


ChristopherDeMars on Wed, 27 Mar 2013 01:21:01

One more comment to add regarding LightSwitch:

I love that you built this on the MVVM pattern with proper separation of duties. However, regarding the HTML Client in CTP4, you have a ways to go to keep this separation - and I'm not sure you really can.

When the data merge and data refresh functionality gets added a couple releases down the road you will be much closer, but it is a bummer that without .NET available in the HTML Client there is no way to have one true universal model that completely adheres to MVVM - the HTML client will inevitably need to do some business logic processing on the client and not be able to be a true pure UI (View). Such is life eh?

Anyway, this does not detract from the great work you are doing.

Garth F Henderson on Wed, 27 Mar 2013 20:11:23

. . . the HTML client will inevitably need to do some business logic processing on the client and not be able to be a true pure UI (View). Such is life eh?

-Christopher DeMars

Thanks very much for doing a great job of articulating the appreciation that we have for Microsoft's evolution of Visual Studio to support an integrated ERP forms and web development environment.

hmmm . . . I thought that the ViewModel in the JSON OData web service would (should) contain everythng that is necessary to get data from the database.  

Within the View we have instantiated "duplicate" objects that are shared as part of the common ViewModel 2-way communication between the Model and the View.  The DataWorkspace manages updates between the server and the client.

There is a peer concept that we do need to address: An app running on any device may function at a peer level - meaning that it includes a "light" version of the server side functionality.  This could be accomplished best with nodejs technology that dynamically creates its own server side MVVM management.

I agree with your ERP/web app requirement for direct DB access - however, I see this being best accomplished by adding on a peer server side functionality that compliments the View client on the (client) device.

It should also be noted that an alternative (and correct) solution would be to have the client View access any number of available web services to exchange data.   This would be my first approach to peer processing.

Standalone peer HTML5 device applications is a great topic.

I've provide my 2 cents worth and would love to hear what ideas others have to expand on Chris' topic.  

We know that it is difficult for the MS staff to join in discussions because of their job obligations to keep everything a secret.   Secrecy is a double edged sword:  It keeps us from being frightened and confused about where MS is going . . . however, it prevents a needed level of collaboration.   MS can listen, but they can't respond . . . so let's talk it through among the community with the expectation that MS will agree with our resulting consensus.

Beth Massi - Microsoft on Thu, 04 Apr 2013 17:05:34

Thank you Christopher! We appreciate your kind words and support.