Can't see last day events in Time Series Insights

Category: azure time series insights


Daniel SerrĂ£o on Mon, 20 Nov 2017 09:05:12


I have two Time Series environments, one is acceptance, the other is production. Both are receiving events from different event hubs.

In the moment I'm writing this post is 20/11/2017 09:30am, but for some reason in the time series user interface in production I can only see the events until 19/11/2017 09:30am. The day before, I was able to see the events in production until 18/11/2017 09:30, which means events are getting in there but for some reason with one day of delay. The same happens if I try to get the events using the API.

This problem doesn't happen in acceptance where I can see all the events without any delay. I also used the Service Bus Explorer to see the events in the event hub in production and saw the field LastEnqueuedTimeUtc with value 11/20/2017 08:14:43, which means the event hub seems to have all the events without any delay.

I tried to use in production the same event hub that is being used by acceptance and the problem is solved, but I can't figure out why there is a delay when using the event hub in production, since the LastEnqueuedTimeUtc seems to be correct and in the Event Hub Metrics (Preview) section I also see that all events are being received without delay.

If you need any more information about this problem, please tell me.

Thanks for any help.