Encrypted Storage Account

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CoreyKlessig on Sat, 19 Aug 2017 19:04:25

deploying the BaaS solution via the portal creates a storage account, this storage account is not encrypted, We have a subscription policy that enforces all storage accounts to be encrypted so the deployment fails.  There is no option in the portal deployment to designate encryption or designate an existing pre-created storage account that has been encrypted.  My thought is that before deploying the solution I could export the JSON and then somehow either tell it to create an encrypted storage account or specify an existing storage account that was encrypted.  The other option would require me to request that the encryption policy be disabled while the solution is deployed then encrypt the created storage account and re-enable the policy, It will be much easier if I can solve this with a JSON template deployment.  Ideas?


Microsoft Azure Blockchain Team on Fri, 01 Sep 2017 06:46:33


Apologies for the issue you are running into due to encryption policy of your subscription.  We automatically create the necessary storage accounts as part of the deployment as the number of storage accounts needed can vary and so asking for existing storage accounts pre-deployment would make the workflow complex.  We will take this requirement for encrypted storage and support it in a future update to the solution.  For now, please temporarily disable the policy during deployment time as you suggested.

Microsoft Azure Blockchain Team