Installing an Entity as part of a Nuget package or VSIX?

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Jan Van der Haegen on Sat, 15 Mar 2014 17:01:44

Hey experts,

has anyone had any success in wrapping a LightSwitch entity in a VSIX or Nuget package and installing it into a LightSwitch project?  Ie: reusable LightSwitch models?

I did some basic experimenting (check a project before and after an entity is added, and try to simulate those changes by a PS1 install script in a Nuget package) but I keep screwing up the project.

Any helpful material?



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Yanjin Xu - MSFT on Mon, 17 Mar 2014 11:49:30

Hi Jan

According to your description above, you want to integrate Entity into VSIX.

I can hardly find relevant guide to do that, for this issue, I think you could consider opening a support case with us. Visit this link to see the various support options that are available to better meet your needs:;en-us;offerprophone

hope it help.

Best regards