Schedule or Queue?

Category: azure scheduler


Donate IAP on Thu, 14 Apr 2016 13:33:59

I have a unique container for each subscriber of my service. The container has a blob with info needed by the webjob to complete.

All containers of subscribers must run the webjob once an hour. I am now using a QueueMessage with visibility in 60 mins.

Webjob triggers(with json object) - reads the blob for the last balance - gets new balance and compares - if lower - sends SMS. - create new queue with visibility in 60 minutes.

All is working well - except when and if there is an exception - back to queue/ maybe poison out etc. Which could lead to the subscriber never getting back in the hourly queue.

Should I be using a Scheduler? From what Ive seen it will only run the webjob whenever you want - but with no params.

Would I have to get a list of all blobs and run them all every hour when the schedule fires? How about cost...much more?