Scheduling a cleanup job to simulate a SQL query

Category: azure scheduler


LukaszZawada on Mon, 15 Feb 2016 00:39:12

Hi all,

Azure and all stuff having to do with databases is not at all my forte. So when I got a database going, added a few rows, and added an expiration datetime field that is generated few minutes into the future. Now I want to create a simple scheduled job that runs once an hour and deletes these expired rows. Something like this:

WHERE [ExpirationDateTime] < GETDATE();

That's it. I looked at tutorials of scheduler and they either just do GET or get complicated fast. I just want to learn to use the Azure Scheduler webpage. So in the Portal I clicked Scheduler, created one, added a job. Now I see its action type (HTTPS), Method (I picked Post for now, not sure if correct), and I figured out the URI. Then comes the body, which I assume isn't just the 2 lines above since that's SQL.

If anyone can tell me what put in the body to get my desired result, that would be terrific. An explanation would be beyond what I expect.