Redis Cache - Multi-region configuration

Category: azure cache


DaveGoosem on Wed, 12 Oct 2016 23:45:52


This question is related to some exploratory work we are doing and I'm wondering if anyone has perhaps tried this or can verify if it could/should/might work?

We would like to try to set up our solution in an Active/Active configuration whereby Region1 and Region2 are both utilised. Part of this would require Cache/Session to be shared between Regions. If I have Redis cache set up and configured in Region1 is there a way to replicate data across region nicely?

If say the primary node was in Region1 and a user enters Region2 and its read/writing to Region1 redis node is the latency reasonable if say the regions are Australia East and Australia SouthEast?

Just looking to validate ideas at this stage so if anyone's tried this or something similar, please reach out :)