Sturnus on Fri, 21 Sep 2012 17:07:29

Hi all,

I recently installed VS2012 Premium (Version 11.0.50727.1RTMREL). After starting my first WPF project I noticed that the XMAL markup was all black (no more read and green colors to diffirentiate between tags, values and comments). This is also true when editing an XML file. When editing a class file all seems fine (I can see blue, green, red, etc. colors). Initialy I thought it had to do with VS2012 new design. So I installed the Visual Studio 2012 Color Theme Editor ( changed my theme to blue. Although this was a HUGE improvement it dit not resolve my issue.

After digging around a little more I noticed that I am missing a whole bunch of display items in Tools->Options->Environment->Font and Colors. All the XAML items and almost all the XML items are missing. When I look at the same screen in my copy of VS2010 all the missing items are there.

I then found this forum: VSTS 2012 Fonts & Colors User Types Missing ( thread and although I followed the steps posted in the accepted answer none applied to me and it didn't work.

I also tried to reset my settings through Tools->Import And Export settings, a repair install and as complete remove and reinstall of VS2012. None of it did the trick.

Kindda at a loss here. I want to start coding in VS2012 but coding XAML and XML in all black font takes me back to the days of coding in Notepad. Allthough nostalgic it is not very productive! 


Sturnus on Fri, 21 Sep 2012 17:25:05

A few minutes after posting my question I found the answer in a diffirent thread ( Runnig devenv /resetuserdata in the VS2012 developer cmd prompt fixed it.

Bob Shen on Mon, 24 Sep 2012 07:32:41

Hi Sturnus,

Thanks for sharing your solutions here.