Not sure what sort of certificate I should choose

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Doctor-Who on Sat, 04 Aug 2018 12:53:14

I have an app in the Store. It's been there for over a year. I've made modifications to it and have been having problems trying to publish those updates to the Store. It was recommended that I check the value of the publisher, that is now in the Package.appxmanifest file. I did and found a discrepancy, which I tried to rectify. In my attempt to fix the problem that's caused the discrepancy between what I originally published and what is in the Package.appxmanifest file now (BTW, I've no idea how the Publisher value changed) when working in the interface in Visual Studio 2017, the last tab of the Publishing interface now has simply "CN=Rod" for Publisher. I cannot change that as it is disabled. But there is a button next to it with the caption of "Choose Certificate". Clicking that button brings up a popup window for choosing a certificate. In that popup window is a dropdown with the caption of "Configure Certificate...". Clicking on that dropdown I have 3 options:

  • Pick from certificate store...
  • Select from file...
  • Create test certificate...

At this point I am not sure which I should select. Which item should I select so I can publish an update to my app that's already in the store?



Daisy Tian on Mon, 06 Aug 2018 07:43:17

Hi Rod,
>At this point I am not sure which I should select
When you create your package in Visual Studio, make sure you are signed in with the same account associated with your developer account, otherwise you may encounter package upload failures. The app’s packages don’t have to be sign with a certification rooted in a trusted certificate authority. For more details , please refer to the official document: Building the app package using Microsoft Visual Studio. 
>Invalid package family name….Invalid package publisher name….
Did you associate your project before packaging it? Please select the package name with Solution Explorer and Navigate to the project – Store – Associate App with the Store, the click through the Wizard. Select the existing store application and your location package.appxmanifest will be updated. To get more information , see this article: Windows Store: Error updating package – invalid package family name.
Please post here if you have any problems.
Best Regards
Daisy  Tian

Doctor-Who on Wed, 08 Aug 2018 01:14:34

I must have associated it with packaging. I don't remember, but I do have a Package.StoreAssociated.xml file. I'm going through your second process now. Thank you!