CDN Not delivering content from the nearest CDN Node

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Nancy Kumud on Tue, 05 Jan 2016 04:04:00

The CDN offers developers a global solution for delivering high-bandwidth content by caching the content at physical nodes across the world. Current list of CDN node locations shows that there are 40 such Nodes all around the world among which 4 are in India. 

I deployed a CDN for one of my site. When i see the content of the site they are loading well from the CDN. But, When I ping the CDN location, I found that the CDN is delivering content from a server in Washington. 

I think the content should be delivered from Mumbai or Delhi which is the nearest CDN End point from the place where I made the request. 

Why does not CDN Deliver the Content from the node near to me ? 




Anton Kucer - MSFT on Sat, 09 Jan 2016 03:24:43

Did you use the legacy portal (i.e. or the new portal (i.e. to create your cdn endpoint? From the new portal there is access to the legacy portal via the "CDN endpoints (classic)" link when you are browsing through resources.  New POPs (this includes all POPs in India, South America, and Australia) were added in Dec, 2015 but are only currently available for endpoints that are created in the new portal. Endpoints in the legacy portal will be migrated in early 2016 to the new portal at which time they will have access to all POPs.

Also there is no simple way to determine the location of a CDN POP by just looking at an IP address. IP anycast is used by the CDN which results in the same set of IP's being used for multiple worldwide POP locations. Easiest way to determine the POP location is to look at the server response header returned by the CDN. This header will look similar to the following Server: ECAcc (xxx/3725) where xxx is a three letter acronym that identifies the POP the request was served from.

If you provide an example URL and the response headers for an example request to this URL we can provide better guidance here.