Price Calculation !

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WalterSulivan on Sun, 10 Apr 2016 17:05:03

Hello Everyone ! 

I've got closer understanding how azure service works, but still there is some confussion.

I do rendering in maya and renderman , so one frame on my computer (i7 8 cores) takes somewhere between 1 hour to 4 hours

Well , as I understand,  I need to choose the quality (cores,ram etc) and  a quantity of virtual machines from your site  and rent them to do the certain job.

for example I have 1 month of time for my project animation , and there are 1440 frames (1min)

on my pc (2hrs/frame) it would render 2880 hours 120 days which is of course unacceptable.

but on azure service I found prices per machine/hr, it was 1dollar per hour (8 core machine)  

lets do some calculations according to information that I provided above ! 

if my machine needs 120 days for 1 minute, then 100 machines will do the job in 120/100 =  1.2 days which is more than  acceptable... 

but the price is the issue ... for 100 machines I need to pay 100$*28hours = 2800$ cost for a single day 

and if I need to make the 30 minutes of animation it will cost 84000$ for 30minutes and it will render a month 

well I understand for people who do animation movies maybe 84000$ is just a shopping check but for freelancers its an enormous amount of money . 

or maybe my calculations are wrong .. I dont know please give me some support 

thank you very much .



Matthew Christopher on Mon, 11 Apr 2016 18:36:17

Hi Walter,

Everything you have said above is correct, you can look at: for more information about VM pricing.

What price you pay will depend on what VM you want and what operating system you want to run, and you'd probably have to do some performance testing with your application on these VMs to get a real accurate measurement of what performance you end up getting (for example an 8 core Azure VM may perform better or worse than your local machine due to networking or disk constraints of your app (or just speed of the cores)).

You'll probably get the best price/performance out of the Dv2 series VMs (for example D4v2 with Windows), which are $1.12 an hour -- but you might see better perf on those VMs than you do on your local machine.  On the other hand if you can render on Linux the cost is only $0.585 an hour.

Depending on what VM size you choose, your overall runtime might change as well, so if you're looking to minimize cost I would recommend doing some basic tests for your application and see what performance you're getting on different VM (maybe D3v2, D4v2, etc) sizes before estimating your total cost, as the performance you see on the cloud may different from what you're seeing locally.