Rodney Littles II on Tue, 20 Jun 2017 17:01:28

I have a Xamarin mobile application built on Azure Mobile App Services.  I am currently consuming several pieces of the Azure eco system, including Azure Notification Hubs for Push Notifications.  I have a requirement to add real time functionality to the mobile application.  I was evaliuating several real time messaging services (PubNub and RealTimeCo) when I cam across Azure Event Hubs.  On the surface, Event Hubs looks like an Event Store, it has hooks for publishing and subscribing to messages.  I saw a few architecture diagrams that used Event Hubs, and Web Jobs and a Message queue to achieve real time.  I am wondering if Event Hubs is the correct way to go for Real Time messaging or if I should go with a provider more suited towards Pub/Sub and messaging as I don't need the Event Store aspect of Event Hubs.  Just don't want to shoe horn a solution on a technology just because it's Azure.