Edward Falk on Thu, 26 Jan 2017 03:47:56

Using VS2015, go to Add > New Project > Visual C++ > Windows Driver > Package > WinUSB Driver Package

The resulting .vcxproj file will contain "<TargetVersion>WindowsV10.0</TargetVersion>" for the Release|x64 configuration and "<TargetVersion>Windows10</TargetVersion>" for all of the other configurations. Then the build will fail for Release|x64 with

"error : Unknown or unsupported property value 'WindowsV10.0' for TargetVersion"

Another anomaly I found: the "<SupportsPackaging>true</SupportsPackaging>" property was only defined for Debug|x64


Rodrigo_FOVE on Fri, 13 Apr 2018 06:12:39

Confirmed that the bug is STILL present in Windows 10 ver. 1709 WDK, with VS2017.

Your solution of manually changing




in the .vcxproj file works just fine. Cheers!