403 Deny Access with template

Category: azure cdn


Dean-Armada on Thu, 28 Jun 2018 08:01:38

Hello I was wondering if there is a way to apply a template on 403 Denny Access Page rather than just a

"403 Fobidden" Message


TravisCragg_MSFT on Fri, 29 Jun 2018 21:30:22

Usually you need to specify a specific 403 page within your application. That page can refer to a CDN delivered 403 page. 

I do not believe that there is a default way to configure this within an Azure CDN. 

Dean-Armada on Mon, 02 Jul 2018 09:56:31

I am using "Customer Origin" condition to try as each azure storage account container origin has its own 403 page. But I'm having trouble as URL Rewrite is not possible when "Customer Origin" condition is used. I tried redirect but we do not think it's good UI. As customers can first access with a wrong country IP redirecting to that 403 page then use a  VPN to achieve an unrestricted country IP but upon refresh will still be on that 403 page because the URL is point to that. Please check screenshot atached