cant get a webjob to run under a schedule

Category: azure scheduler


mark-w-w on Thu, 17 Aug 2017 13:19:22

I've developed a webjob and while I've been testing it, I set it to be manually triggered.  Im happy with the functionality and I now want to set it to run every 30 minutes. 

In the publish file (webjob-publish-settings.json)  I set this

"runMode": "Continuous"

and I included a settings.job file with this setting

  "schedule": "0 */30 * * * *"

I initially set it to 'copy if newer' and I uploaded the webjob
In the azure webjobs section I had a listing for this webjob, type = continuous and it showed the schedule setting.

Ive since had to make some amendments, and upload again but now the status says 'Pending Restart' and the schedule info has gone. I changed the settings.job file to 'copy always' but the schedule still isn't showing.(just n/a)

how is this process supposed to work ?

Ive checked in the sql query profiler, the webjob is supposed to call a stored procedure every 30 mins, but its constantly running (every 1 minute), the settings.job file seems to have no affect at all.

why did it show up initially as a schedule next to the webjob ??, then after an update, it disappeared ??  Ive even deleted the setings.job file and recreated it, then published the webjob again and it made no difference.  Can anyone help me ?


mark-w-w on Thu, 17 Aug 2017 13:32:02

changed the settings.job file to this

"schedule": "0,30 * * * *"

but it made no difference, its still running every minute or so.  Is there a serious bug with this whole process ?  I cant see what I could be doing wrong